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Courier Fees and Rates Calculator

Knowing the cost of your delivery helps you budget and plan accordingly. Use our courier fees and rates calculators below to estimate costs for company employed drivers and vehicles/equipment. Estimate your costs today, or contact us for more infformation about our rates.

Vehicle Information
Number Of Vehicles $
Average Cost Of Vehicle $
Price Of Gas Per Gallon $
Vehicle Miles Per Gallon
Miles Driver Per Day
Insurance Per Month $
Exterior Maintenance $
Communication Devices $
Vehicle Cost Results
Original Cost (Cash) or Loan Payment    
Licenses, Titles, Fees & Permits (State and/or Federal)  
Taxes (State, Country, School, VIP - Where Applicable)  
Gas Oil & Grease (Based on 16.67 Gallons Per Day)  
Insurance (Liability, Collision, Cargo, Fire, Theft & Legal)  
Actions Not Indemnified by Insurance  
Normal Maintenance (Service, Parts, Tires, Etc.)  
Washing & Exterior Maintenance  
Communication Devices  
Monthly Average Expense Per Vehicle  
Total Monthly Vehicle Expense  
Employee Information
Number of Drivers
Hourly Rate $
Overtime Rate $ 
Regular Hours
Overtime Hours
Weekly Average Pay $ 
Monthly Average Pay $ 
Employee Cost Results
Wages (Including Overtime)    
Social Security Contribution  
Unemployment Compensation Contribution  
Workman's Compensation  
Misc/Admin, Hiring, Drug Screen, Training  
Vacation / Sick Leave  
Fringe Benefits (Medical, Dental & Life)  
Monthly Average Expense Per Employee  
Total Monthly Employee Expense  
Total Daily Costs of Employees & Vehicles   
Total Monthly Costs of Employees & Vehicles  
Total Yearly Costs of Employees & Vehicles