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Medical Delivery Services in Michigan

Reliable Delivery, a logistics solutions company, has steadily and strategically positioned itself to become the leading medical delivery services company for deliveries in Michigan, Northern Ohio and Northern Indiana. Reliable Delivery will give you access to highly experienced medical delivery personnel and offer you customized serviced to provide your organization quality medical delivery services. Reliable Delivery has medical delivery services in Michigan that offer multiple solutions to address your specific security, logistical, and budgetary needs.

On a daily basis, Reliable Delivery offers medical delivery services in Michigan including:

Reliable Delivery couriers make deliveries to hospitals and long term care facilites.

·         Biohazard Category B specimen deliveries

·         medical equipment delivery

·         medical supplies deliveries

·         donor organ transport

·         x-ray deliveries

·         pharmaceutical deliveries

·         research material deliveries

·         medical record deliveries

·         radioactive material deliveries

·         patient transport

Origins and destinations for these medical deliveries encompass major hospitals and universities, clinics, airports, residential sites, and warehouses. Our team is experienced in the specialized needs and parameters that each type of site requires. 

Our medical delivery services in Michigan include both routed and on-demand or stat work. Reliable Delivery uses proprietary, industry specific, operations software that allows for order tracking, scanner integration, and real time proof of delivery information and route progress. Reliable Delivery uses the latest software for all route optimization. This dynamic route software allows for the addition or deletion of stops creating the most cost effective solution for our customers.

Reliable Delivery operates on a belief that strong operational process and procedure in addition to a strong collaborative delivery network leads to quality customer service, therefore Reliable Delivery is constantly educating itself on industry and customer specific issues for medical deliveries. In addition, Reliable Delivery utilizes specialized staff and consultants to assist with method and service analysis, development, Protected Health Information instruction, chain of custody procedures, and customer service to ensure our medical delivery services are up to code.

Reliable Delivery is committed to staying on top of the issues and demands that affect our customers in the medical industry. As members of the Michigan Health and Hospital Association (MHA), we receive the latest in industry trends and regulatory updates.  

Contact us today if you're looking for a dependable medical delivery company to handle your deliveries in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.